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SMC® eCommerce Products and Services by eMerchantClub:

SMC® eCommerce Websites:

eMerchantClub offers SMC® eCommerce Websites designed specifically for SMC® members to sell their SMC® products online. The SMC® eCommerce Websites come in Basic, Pro and Deluxe models complete with shopping cart technology. SMC® members can sell both SMC® products and non-SMC® products on these eCommerce Websites. The SMC® promotional Websites are non-eCommerce Websites that display 20 SMC® products. These Websites are designed for SMC® members to give their businesses Internet presence at a very low entry cost.

eMerchantClub is endorsed by Specialty Merchandise Corporation to build Websites for their members. This endorsement grants special privileges to eMerchantCLub. These privileges include permission to link SMC® eCommerce Websites to SMC®'s warehouse inventory database, online order processing direct to SMC® fulfillment center, access to all of SMC®'s product images and descriptions and cross training of eMerchantClub's technical support representatives in all aspects of the SMC® business directly by SMC®.

Shopping Cart Technology, Merchant Accounts and Gateways:

eMerchantClub's SMC® eCommerce Websites come complete with sophisticated and flexible shopping cart technology allowing customers to pay for their purchases online. SMC® eCommerce shopping carts are configured to accept payments with credit cards, eCheck, and PayPal. Sales tax, shipping fees and shipping methods can be customized.

Secure Hosting and Credit Card Processing:

SMC® eCommerce Websites are hosted in house on SSL [Secure Sockets Layer] enabled servers. This allows your customers to send their payment information in a secure manner over the Internet encrypted so it is unreadable to everyone except the intended receiver.

Domain Name Registration:

Domain name registration is provided to SMC® members who purchase SMC® Websites from eMerchantClub.

Search Engine Submission Packages:

eMerchantClub offers search engine submission packages designed specifically to help SMC® member's promote their Websites on the Internet. Included in the search engine package is a special template with Meta tags added to all the SMC® product departments. Our search engine submission package insures that your Website will be rapidly included in the search engines and makes sure that people will be able to find your Website.

Customizations and Special Programming:

Some customizations are available for logos, banners, Flash doorway pages, online forms and other special programming needs by eMerchantClub's highly experienced team of Web developers, designers and programmers to enhance your Website's attractiveness and usability.

Technical Support:

Free technical support is provided by eMerchantClub for the lifetime of your SMC® Website. It is available via telephone, E-mail, live chat and through online manuals. eMerchantClub's tech support representatives receive hands on training on all functions and operations of SMC® Websites and in all aspects of the SMC® business too.

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