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Fraud Alert

eMerchantClub, LLC, values the relationship we have with our members, our brand name, and our reputation.

Occasionally, we receive complaints from Smart Living Company members about other companies or individuals using misleadingly similar names, or falsely claiming or implying that they are associated with or endorsed by Smart Living Company or our legitimate affiliates.

The companies and individuals listed below are NOT affiliated with eMerchantClub, LLC or Smart Living Company in any way. They may infringe trademarks or copyrights, provide sub-standard products or services, or be involved with customer complaints, lawsuits, credit problems, or bankruptcy. Doing business with them may subject you to liability or termination of your membership. Please report any fraudulent or suspicious activity to us at fraudalert@SmartLivingCompany.com.

We strongly caution you against providing any of the following people or companies with your credit card, bank account, or other personal information.

3XP Web Solutions

Ecommerce Business Solutions

Future |Ranking

Business Recovery Services, LLC

Garette Craig

Internet Advancement

Mark Busnelli

Nicholas Dean Lunsford

Premier Hosting, Inc.


Smart Living CompanyeBiz

Travis Prouty

National Marketers, LLC

E-Commerce Advertising LLC


Mike Mailberg

John Warren

Courtney Hamilton

Amber Porter

Shauna Hrbal

Jeff Reed dba Smartecorp.com

Internet Marketing Solutions


WebMarketing Source





Charles E. Brooks, Jr.

Custom Built Online Stores

Daryl Rutherford

John Evans

Digiworld Technologies

Drop Ship Design



The E-Commerce Team, LLC

John Price

Brian Evans

Bret Counsel

Brian Hessler

Brad Thomas


Helpful Internet Inc.

Sara Yardly

Articles and News About Fraud Alert

Internet Security 101

Phishing -phish-ing - Pronunciation: [’fi-shin]

The act of sending email that falsely claims to be from a legitimate organization.


  • Be suspicious of any email with urgent requests for personal information
  • Phishers typically include upsetting or exciting (but false) statements in their emails to get people to react immediately
  • Phisher emails are typically NOT personalized, while valid messages from your bank or company generally are.
  • Unless the email is digitally signed, you can't be sure it wasn't forged or 'spoofed' They typically ask for information such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc.

Example: You receive an email saying, "I am a little old fashioned and uncomfortable with using my credit card on the net, please send me a direct contact number so that I can place an order." This type of email is typically used by a telemarketer who wants to sell you something, and needs to get your phone number.

Warning: Scammer Targets Smart Living Company members

It’s come to our attention that a Mesa, Arizona-based company operating under the name of Business Recovery Systems has been aggressively contacting Smart Living Company members, offering to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and Attorney General on their behalf, for a fee.

Business Recovery Services is a shameless scam. The business model is to make a lot of money sending you a packet of form letters that you’re directed to fill out and file. The truth of the matter is, you can file on your own, for free. That’s probably why BRS’ owner, Brian Hessler, has already been targeted by a consumer protection news show, waving away the camera and running for cover.

Ironically enough, here’s the review of Business Recovery Systems by the BBB in central-northern-western Arizona: Kind of interesting that a company charging to file complaints with the BBB has been expelled from its own BBB, isn’t it?

The complaints filed by Business Recovery Systems take the form of templates. The complaints are generalized and non-specific, so your actual individual issue is not presented clearly. In fact, the BBB now recognizes these “form letter” complaints, and is treating them accordingly.

If you have a complaint or concern regarding Smart Living Company, or its affiliated company eMerchantClub, LLC, we urge you to start by discussing the issue with one of our Member Services representatives. If you don’t find satisfaction there, ask to escalate the issue to a Supervisor. We will do everything in our power to work with you and solve your problem.

If for some reason you still feel the need to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, don’t pay Business Recovery Systems - or for that matter, any company offering this bogus “service” - to do it for you. It’s free to do it yourself, and your complaint will carry more weight than a vague form letter.

FTC says Business Recovery Services Bilked $1.5 Million from Unsuspecting Customers

In the News: "Business Recovery Services" Targeted by Attorney General

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