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To order your new Version 11 SMC® eCommerce Website right now or to get more information please contact our Sales Department either online by E-mail inquiryE-mail or call us toll free at:
Important Notices:

June 1, 2010

Starting with the new version 11 release, we are phasing out support for Internet Explorer 6.

Version 11 layouts will appear distorted in IE 6. However, the Site Manager and all previously released layouts will still be fully compatible with IE 6.

If you are still using Internet Explorer 6, we strongly urge you to upgrade your browser in order to take advantage of the latest enhancements to our version 11 layouts. We highly recommend Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.6, Google Chrome, Apple Safari 5.

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New Version 11 SMC eCommerce WebsitesVersion 11 SMC® eCommerce Websites Are Here!

eMerchantClub, LLC, is pleased to announce our version 11 update to our popular e-commerce application. Bringing a new level of integration with today's top social networks and expanding on multiple online marketing opportunities, version 11 offers increased productivity while improving the foundation for your e-commerce presence.

New features at a glance:

45 New Holiday Themes

45 new Holiday related themes released. Just in time for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Winter Holidays. Give your website a “Holiday Look” by switching your default theme for the layout you are using. (version 11.1)

Holiday Image Library

Over 90 new images for your animation widgets. Place an image slider widget in your layout and select from a growing library of ready-made images to showcase some of the products you are selling. New images specific to the Holiday Season. (version 11.1)

Back By Popular Demand

We took a look at our most popular layouts we have offered throughout the years and updated them with the latest "bells and whistles". Ten updated layouts make your website more dynamic and attractive.

Ten Brand New Layouts

More layouts loaded with the latest features available in version 11. Bigger, bolder, more attractive and user friendly.

Customizable Distribution Lists

The secret to a solid e-commerce business is great customer communications. Now you can separate your shoppers into groups and target them with personalized messages.

Send Website Launch Email

You've got a brand new e-commerce website. Now what? How about announcing your "Grand Opening" with an email message to your friends and family.

Upload Products to Google Shopping

If you want to attract more traffic to your e-commerce website, you should expose your products to as many potential shoppers as possible. By making your product list available to Google Product Search, you get links back to your website on the most popular search engine.

Promote Your Products on Facebook

Every time you update a product on your website or add a new product, you can now share it with your friends on Facebook.

Optional Outgoing Email Setup

Want to use your existing Gmail or Hotmail account with your new e-commerce website? Now you can opt between using the built-in email capabilities of your website, or use an existing account to send out your messages. This new feature brings more flexibility and speed to your customer relationship.

E-mail inquiryread more release notes for version 11

Version 11, as all our annual releases, does not stop here! New updates are launched throughout the year, bringing in more new features, more enhancements, more fixes, more layout themes, the latest e-catalogs and much more.

Validate compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) mandated by all the major credit cards.

SMC® members comments:

"...Thanks eMerchant Club for your help and support. It's great to be part of the family."
Barbara Lajoah

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11.1 November 1, 2010
11 July 1, 2010
10.3 March 2, 2010
10.2 January 28, 2010
10.1 October 15, 2009
10 July 1, 2009
9.03 March 25, 2009
9.02 September 22, 2008
9.01 July 1, 2008

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